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Sociology 709 Wiki


We will use this as a question and answer forum for class.  Feel free to edit this wiki yourself by contributing to asking or answering questions or following up on topics from our class meetings.


Flags: to bring questions or  comments to our attention, use the following flags (in parentheses).

It is easy to search for  flagged questions, so we can find unanswered questions on the wiki quickly.

student flags:

(%q+initials) a question

(%more+initials) you  have a followup to an existing question

instructor flags:

(***+lecture #, lab #, or office hours): will be discussed in the next lecture, lab, or office hours.

($t): Ted will answer this question, ($m): Michael will answer this question, (T): Ted's answer/comment, (M): Michael's answer/comment


The basic idea is that this page will link to specific classes, and then questions or concepts related to those lectures/labs will be linked to those pages,

and these questions will also be tagged by topic.


--Remember to come to office  hours if you have questions you want to discuss in person.  These are posted on the main course webpage.  Tuesday at 4 and Wednesday from 10-11 a.m.

--If you want to make an appointment with Ted, and you have exhausted the normal course office hours, check his wepage, www.tedmouw, for his office hours schedule.



main course webpage

class Stata dictionary


general comments

Class links: 











Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 9:00 am on Mar 17, 2008

I'm not really sure where to comment, since there isn't a link to lab 8 or homework 3 on the page, but I'm having some problems with #6 on hmwk 3. I am not sure what numbers I'm supposed to plug in to find the average male wage in an average female occ. You gave us the formula: cons + men + Bfemocc(femocc) to find predicted wage for men, and cons + women+ Bfemale + (Bfemocc + Bfemmocc*gender)*femocc, but I'm confused as to what these formulas mean or even if I wrote them down right. I also don't understand how you got those formulas. I need help!

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